The opening of the next dealer store of “Saloglu” furniture, which occupies an invaluable place in its segment with the highest quality and reasonable prices in the country, took place in Gusar. The goal is to cover the entire country. “Saloglu” furniture, which uses raw materials and materials of famous European companies in its production, has been serving our population for 20 years with its tasteful design and wide range. In the “Saloglu” dealer store opened in Gusar, all types of bed, guest, and soft furniture belonging to the company are exhibited. At present, selection is being made among the persons who want to act as “Saloglu” dealers in the regions according to certain conditions. The main goal is to make 1 price and high quality more accessible to the population.

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Phone: +99455 525-85-76

Sales manager of “Saloglu” company Elshan Bayramli said in an interview: “Saloglu” brand has been serving our population for 20 years. One of the main goals before us in 2020 is to be closer to the population by building a “Saloglu” dealer network throughout the country. The construction of the giant “Saloglu” factory, whose foundation was laid in 2016, has been completed in order to expand production. With this, we will fully supply the entire country’s market, and as an Azerbaijani brand, we will start exporting to European and CIS countries.

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