Warranty conditions

Each type of product produced by our company is guaranteed for 2 years. You can find more detailed information about the warranty conditions in this section.

Do not lose the warranty card, delivery note, check, invoice and similar documents during the warranty period to accept the date of purchase of the furniture. If the documents are incomplete, the company has the right to refuse to provide warranty service.

Warranty conditions

The warranty period is valid for 24 months starting from the day of sale of the furniture.

The warranty service is valid for every model produced by the company, including all parts of the furniture.

The repair period is a maximum of 30 working days.

The period during which the furniture is under repair is not added to the warranty period.

Within the warranty period of the furniture, if material, installation (if assembled by the installation team appointed by the company) or manufacturing defects are found in the furniture, it is repaired at the expense of the company, and if necessary, it is replaced free of charge.

You can request a free replacement of the furniture you bought in the following cases:

If any part of the furniture is repaired twice within a year, if the same defect reappears;
If various defects appear in the furniture more than 4 times in 1 year;
If the furniture has more than 6 different defects within 2 years (during the warranty period);
If the maximum period for repair (30 days) has passed;
If the expert confirms that the furniture is unfit for repair;

Cases not included in the warranty service are as follows:

Defects caused by installation by an installation team not appointed by the Company;
Expiration of warranty period;
Non-observance of the furniture operating rules specified in this manual;
Mechanical damage to the furniture after delivery;
Overloading of mechanisms;
Damage to furniture as a result of a natural disaster (flood, fire, accident, etc.);
Physical damage to furniture knowingly or unknowingly by the consumer;
Detection of damage to furniture as a result of intervention by craftsmen not appointed by the company for the purpose of repair;
Damage to furniture as a result of structural changes by the consumer;
Use of substances that can damage furniture during cleaning;
Defects caused by improper use of furniture (scratching, crushing, breaking, etc.)Yuxarıda qeyd olunmuş hallar meydana gəldiyi təqdirdə göstərilən xidmət ödənişlidir və şirkət tərəfindən təyin edilmiş qiymətlərlə həyata keçirilir. Qüsurun xüsusiyyəti mebelə baxış keçirilən zaman ekspert tərəfindən təyin edilir.

Reception of furniture

After the installation work is completed, check the furniture. Pay attention to whether the drawers, lighting system, soft furniture mechanisms work. Correct adjustment of the doors, mechanical changes (scratches, dents, tears, important color differences) or not. I would like to note that complaints about mechanical repairs discovered after the delivery of the furniture are not accepted as a basis for warranty. arises in exchange for the elimination of the offenses. Small-scale features in parts that are not visible and do not affect the appearance of the furniture are allowed.

Delivery of furniture

“Furniture delivery” means its transportation (loading, transportation, unloading, lifting to the address) from the place where the furniture was purchased to the address specified by the customer (home and other). Delivery of furniture to the address is a free service offered by our company, with the necessary equipment, vehicles and personnel. We recommend that you use this service when buying furniture. The delivery of furniture to the address is carried out in accordance with the “Furniture delivery and installation instructions” developed by our company. We do not recommend you to carry out the transportation of furniture at your own expense. Because, after carrying out the furniture transportation independently, the defects that appear are not covered by the warranty service.

Furniture installation
For furniture installation, we recommend that you use the installation service of our company, which has appropriately trained personnel, the necessary equipment, tools and devices, and also operates in accordance with the “Furniture Delivery and Installation” manual. In this case, our company is responsible for the quality of the installed furniture. We do not recommend you to install, repair or change the accessories of the furniture on your own or using the services of installers not qualified by the company. Because furniture installation requires special professionalism (relevant knowledge and skills; information about furniture production technology; information about used materials and constructions; installation sequence; ability to use all equipment used in installation, etc.) and experience.

Attention! If the installation is carried out by non-professional installers not belonging to the SALOGLU company, the warranty on the furniture will be invalidated, and also improperly installed furniture may pose a danger to people’s health and even life during use.
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